Saturday, April 23, 2011


Okay here's some ideation.

I think my wrds describe these ideas better than my ideation sketches.
Once we settle on the idea, I'll post more thumbnailing and clealer ideation sketches.

"Beauty Riding the Nightmare Into Sunset":
-The idea I emailed you about. We could make this more scifi too, steam punk, put them in space, or more fantasy like described in the email. Would be exited if we developed the ideation of this further too.

From your whale idea I found myself looking at, "Beauty taming the Nightmare":
-this could be a brawl between the too, could easily play with creative angles and the two panels we have could show the brawl in two stages or use it to use two different camera angles or close up vs. telephoto.

"Nightmare Gardening":
-What if we had the Nightmare doing what it does while we are awake? Its a normal character who needs some time for itself. Perhaps a dark place with scary abstract forest/plant surroundings with a colorfully glowing garden. What is he gardening, any thoughts?

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