Thursday, May 5, 2011

thumbnails shark attack

Here's a few thumbnails on the shark attack theme we talked about.

The first one is a setup for what's to come. The trees in the background are softer shaped, the field is calm and shapes are mellow. The cocoons could establish some scale. The critters further away is where the nightmares hunting area is. We don't show the nightmare much at this point to allow the fiewers imagination to create more tension. We could show the critters in the cages in its back at this point but it might not be necessary at all since the next picture shows that it is hunting for the critters.

The next image is where everything goes haywire. The trees in the background turn into chaos, the field close to the attacking nightmare becomes waves of desperation and chaos. The creature itself could have some blurryness to create movement. We could have a cocoon sit close to the camera to show a critter sleeping in but its facial expression could be in pain.

These thumbs definitely still need work getting the camera angle, over lap and value distribution right plus of course the shape design.

Lemme know what you think. We should go for having our thumbnails picked up by friday and have most of creature design done so we can start painting soon. But there's no reason to polish a turd so the thumbs, angles, shape design and value distribution should be solid before that.

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